Fall. Stand up. Fall. Avoid the kick. Fall again. Get kicked. Fall.

Stand up stronger, fuller, more define.

Believe in yourself. Believe in what you do. Believe in others.

One bad experience cannot ruin it all for you, or push you away from what you love.

If you still love it, though. Continue reading


The temple has gone on strike

Trapped in what you should call home, praise and appreciate every single day of your life. Debiliated by the weakness of your own temple. Trying to do, being stopped, trying again, wasting energy, feeling useless. The little steps, little aims should be sufficient but they aren’t. They annoy, frustrate and cause pain. Don’t allow it to get to you. Easy to say. Continue reading


Night time whispers

Rarely did she cry. Haven’t seen the sun for weeks, she shed a tear or two. Lack of stars brought a temporary despair upon her little heart. They were a reflection of her soul. They comforted her having passed an unfruitful and meaningless day. They brought hope to the hopeless. Continue reading