Fall. Stand up. Fall. Avoid the kick. Fall again. Get kicked. Fall.

Stand up stronger, fuller, more define.

Believe in yourself. Believe in what you do. Believe in others.

One bad experience cannot ruin it all for you, or push you away from what you love.

If you still love it, though.

Do you? Do you love it? Did you not let others crush your self esteem into a million tiny pieces which you’re never going to be able to pick up again? Did you not let them make you believe that you are not good after all?

Never be mediocre, average, nobody.

Never be mediocre, average, nobody.

Never be mediocre, average, nobody…

Those words, repeated like a mantra, resonate in my head. All day, every day. They will never leave me. Never abandon me. Never betray me. They are who I am. They are embedded into my soul.

Perfection, dear, you have put your deadly claws around my neck and promised never to let them go. Never to let me go.

Never. Such a funny word.

I will never do that, and yet you do it the moment you least expect it.

It will never happen to me, and yet it surprises you greatly when it does.

I will never leave you, betray you, stop loving you, etc. Promises that we will yet, never (sic!) be able to keep.



Photo: Alex Stoddard


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