The temple has gone on strike

Trapped in what you should call home, praise and appreciate every single day of your life. Debiliated by the weakness of your own temple. Trying to do, being stopped, trying again, wasting energy, feeling useless. The little steps, little aims should be sufficient but they aren’t. They annoy, frustrate and cause pain. Don’t allow it to get to you. Easy to say. Wake up, get up, get dressed, live. Another pointless attempt to overcome overambitious mind. The temple can’t follow. It’s not lazy, it tries, vainly but it does. You’re boring. Would you please stop it? I’m tired. Tired of hearing the same old thing all over again. And again. Til you drop peacefully for an hour or two. Until it all begins again. You got used to it. There’s no complaining. Sometimes. The temple is happy. For a day. For few hours. How do you react? You start glowing. Everything changes. And then.. boom. You’ve run out of the magic dust. The promotion has ended abruptly and you’re still left with a bit of taste on your tongue. It won’t last long. Enjoy it while it does.


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