It will bring you luck

I’m quite superstitious. I wear my red fabric bracelet for protection from bad charms. I try not to turn back when I already left the house/room (unless I forget something as important as a jacket in a cold autumn day…). I believe that spilled salt brings argument and sugar happiness. I dread ever breaking a mirror. I either sleep on the side or with my legs crossed to protect myself from a mare (sleep paralysis) that ‘visited’ me few times and I wish it never came back again.

I read horoscopes. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I believe in everything written in them but I find the correlation of the position of stars and our birth date quite an interesting subject. Stars in general calm me down. On a starry night I can sit outside my house for hours (until it gets cold) and just watch them, without rush, forgetting about all the things I’m supposed to do. And sometimes it happens that in a small Welsh town I see my beloved clear Tunisian sky, and I am happy. 

I believe in signs as stupid as it sounds. Coincidences like when you find a little card with a quote/ an advice that fits your current personal state so perfectly that it just cannot be random. We are in constant dialogue with life. It doesn’t mean that we’re gods and that we’ll get whatever we want, but sometimes a simple thought, a simple wish can be made reachable. Then it’s up to us to interpret it accordingly and make a good use out of it. Sensibly, modestly, without any greed or pondering over it.

If being superstitious or having a talisman makes you feel better, then so be it. It will definitely not do you any harm.


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