Accepting the unavoidable…

This Christmas made me realise how easy it is to lose touch with people we were once very close with. How money, boyfriends and kids can change one’s perception. How a sentence said once jokingly in the past can change your relationship with a relative and a friend. It is sad but you know that people often change, their priorities in life change and sometimes there is no place for you anymore. It happens all the time. What can we do unless accept it and move forward? We may be proud and choose to have an argument, or simply ignore it, leave it behind, move forward and remember the good times when you were children; bathing together in the same umbrella-patterned panties, splashing water everywhere (including the bathroom floor) and enjoying the simplicity of those times. No one can take those memories from you unless you do it yourself in a moment of anger or rage. So keep these emotions as far away as possible and accept the unavoidable. It happens. It always does when two people grow apart and choose different routes in life.




photo Alex Stoddard Photography


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